Discover our investments towards a healthy and sustainable future
27 Feb

Discover our investments towards a healthy and sustainable future

In 2019, we at Metavan made several important investments to further automate and optimise our manufacturing hall.

Welding fume exhaust hood

An important part of our manufacturing process involves welding flanges - a process involving the release of welding fumes. Although breathing in welding fumes usually does not cause any immediate issues, long-time exposure can be harmful to your airways. In order to eliminate all risk and optimally protect our manufacturing hall staff, we installed a powerful exhaust hood in 2019, an installation that extracts such welding fumes.

Semi-automatic welding robot

In addition, we installed an additional semi-automatic welding robot, which ensures the manufacturing process for our metal reels is even more efficient now. This investment also has a beneficial effect on the high quality of our finished reels.

Automation and expansion of the powder-coating system

Over the last few years, the powder-coating system in our manufacturing hall was modernised further. For example, we installed an automated line that automatically runs the reel through a degreasing bath. Afterwards, the powder coating is baked using our oven. Then, the reel is automatically moved into the space where it will be taken off the line and packaged.

Where the metal reels are expanded, we can also efficiently powder-coat other parts or components. The only requirement is that the component's volume cannot exceed 2 m³. Do you have any parts you would like to powder-coat and personalise using your company colours or logo/serial number? If so, feel free to contact us, we would be happy to provide you with a non-committal quote.