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As a manufacturer of custom metal reels, Metavan distinguishes itself through its flexible approach and high level of quality. Discover more about our manufacturing company below.

Focused on a flexible approach since 1958

Metavan was founded in 1958 and has been situated in Wielsbeke since 2008. For years, the company was led by Francis Vanhaelewyn, who leveraged his experience in the metal sector to manufacture custom industrial reels.

Metavan evolved into a global player, known for its smooth organisation and direct communication. Consequently, the customer's personal approach takes centre stage: each reel is tailor-made and manufactured in accordance with the customer’s company-specific requirements. The customer decides what they need and when they need it - Metavan takes care of the right solution at a competitive price.

Due to sophisticated investments in the machinery, the company is ready for the future - a fact ensured by GT Invest’s acquisition of Metavan in 2020.

Focused on a flexible approach since 1958
Entrepreneurship focused on people and the environment

Entrepreneurship focused on people and the environment

Corporate social responsibility means something at Metavan - something clearly reflected in the metal reel as a product, a rugged and sustainable item that is easy to rework and can be repaired and recycled more than once.

In addition, Metavan focuses on innovation in the machinery, maximising both manufacturing efficiency and the quality of the finished reels. For instance, our powder coating installation is our preferred – provided circumstances allow - sustainable alternative to liquid varnish.

Finally, we focus on safety and ergonomics in the workplace as well, evidenced by the installation of, amongst other things, an automatic hoisting system and a central exhaust system for welding fumes.

Meet the team

Metavan relies on a loyal and experienced team of professionals - a team where each and every member values high quality and flexible service.

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