Manufacturing custom industrial metal reels

As a Belgian manufacturer of custom industrial reels, Metavan guarantees a flexible service. That means you are not bound to fixed quantities - you decide how many reels you want to purchase. Are you looking for aluminium reels instead of metal reels? No problem - we can help with that, too.

Our state-of-the-art machinery guarantees high quality metal reels. Finally, we maintain ample stock, allowing us to finish and deliver standard reels very quickly.

You will find more about our reels and manufacturing activities below.

  • In-house manufacturing of custom metal reels

    In-house manufacturing of custom metal reels

    Metavan manufactures custom metal reels based on the customer's manufacturing process. We critically examine your technical drawings and then offer you a custom proposal. We translate our years of experience into a critical look and possibilities for optimisation.

    Technical characteristics

    • sheet thickness between 2 and 6 mm (0.039 to 0.236 inch)
    • flange diameter between 404 and 1077 mm (11.81 to 49.21 inch)
    • custom core diameter
    • finished with powder coating or liquid varnish, or galvanised
    • all RAL colours
    • available in metal or aluminium
    • dynamic balancing (optional)
    In-house manufacturing of custom metal reels
  • Personalisation of reels

    Personalisation of reels

    We can give the reels a custom finish using your company's corporate identity. We offer a broad range of personalisation options with regard to colour and can also integrate your company logo or serial number on the reel:

    • Stamps (company name, logo, numbers...)
    • Powder coating in all colours
    • Liquid varnish in all colours
    • Heat-resistant varnish (liquid varnish)
    Personalisation of reels
  • Powder coating reels and other items

    Powder coating reels and other items

    Our manufacturing hall is equipped with a fully automated line that, in addition to reels, can also efficiently powder-coat other parts up to a volume of 2m³. Powder coating is an environmentally sound solution to finish your reel in the desired colour: it releases no solvents and excess powder is collected, filtered and reused. In short: the sustainable choice.

    Powder coating reels and other items
Repairing reels

Repairing reels

Metavan stands for a sustainable approach and consequently does not just focus on manufacturing new metal reels, but on recycling and repairing existing reels as well. Proper and regular maintenance of metal reels guarantees a long life, allowing our customers to save on resources and raw materials significantly. Great for both your budget and the environment.