Your dynamic partner in metal reels

Industrial metal reels tailored to your manufacturing process? Metavan guarantees flexible manufacturing, high quality and short delivery times.

Repairing reels

Metavan stands for a sustainable approach and consequently does not just focus on manufacturing new metal reels, but on recycling and repairing existing reels as well. Proper and regular maintenance of metal reels guarantees a long life, allowing our customers to save on resources and raw materials significantly. Great for both your budget and the environment.

Belgian manufacturer of custom industrial reels

Belgian manufacturer of custom industrial reels

Metavan, based in Wielsbeke, has provided flexible manufacturing of custom metal reels for over 60 years. Over the years, the company underwent significant evolution, but the company's core remained the same: Metavan quickly addresses any company-specific questions the customer might have and ensures short delivery times and an excellent price-quality ratio.